The Table – Sunday Cafe!
First Sunday of the month:
Nov 4, Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, March 3, April 7
7:30 – 8:20 A.M. – Breakfast before first service
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM – Brunch after second service
The Table – Catered Trivia Night!
Second Wednesday of the month:
Nov 14, Dec 12, Jan 16, Feb 13, March 13
5:45 – 7:15 P.M.
We start a little later this Wednesday to make sure families and people who work have a chance to participate monthly on a Wednesday night. Supper will be catered and served until 7:00 p.m. The gathering in Hess Hall will last all the way through Kid’s Zone (until 7:15) to give parents a chance to relax, visit and play a little trivia. All ages are invited to come and go or stay the entire time. Kid’s Zone volunteers and Middle School Youth Sponsors will be encouraged to jump in at the front of the line before 6:15.
The Table – Soups On!
Third Wednesday of the month:
Dec 19, Jan 23, Feb 20, March 20, April 24
5:15 – 6:15 P.M.
Two kinds of soup and a warm welcome will be waiting for you!
The Table – Potluck and Puzzles!
Fourth Wednesday of the month: 
Nov 28, Jan 30, Feb 27, March 27
5:00 P.M. –  Arrive with a salad or dessert
5:15 P.M. – Supper begins (choir members go through the line first). The main dish will be provided along with a few brain teasers at each table.
How much will it cost?
We will have a basket in Hess Hall for you to leave a donation. We are recommending $5/person or $10/couple or family. (Except for potluck night – just $2/person to go toward the main dish.) There is no cost for children, youth, or college students. If you are at a place in life that you can give a little more, this will help cover the cost for others and continue to make this a vital and joyful ministry! It’s still the best deal in town because the company can’t be beat! We want everyone to find a place at The Table.
Do I need to make a reservation each week?
No, please come to The Table.)