FUMC Groups – Fall 2021

Fall Small Groups begin the week of October 10th and run for six weeks unless otherwise stated in the description. Group leaders will be in contact prior to the first meeting.

Drinks & Discussion

Group Leader: Sarah Hendricks
Meeting Times: Mondays @ 6:30 p.m.
Location: Sarah’s House
Are you craving fellowship and deeper connection? We will gather together and enjoy our favorite beverages (church friendly), and simply share Good Things from our week and perhaps a short devotion.

Praise & Prayer with the Psalms

Group Leader: Deacon Jeanne Koontz
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ Noon
Location: Chapel
A weekly worship experience using the Psalms to express praise and prayer to God.

Renew & Rejuvenate!

Group Leader: Sandy Hunter
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM
Location: Chapel
Engage in fellowship and mindfulness practices to renew your energy and refresh your awareness of God’s presence.

What’s Your Story?

Group Leader: Deacon Jeanne Koontz
Meeting Times: Thursdays @ 10:00 AM
Location: Room 107
Learn the power of your story. In exploring Joseph’s life (Genesis 37-50), you’ll discover how to see your life through God’s eyes and learn how to co-create a real page-turning story of your own.


Group Leader: Pastor Emily Cannon
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM
Location: SERVE Center
Discover how to hear and respond to the unique call God is placing on your life through the stories of ordinary people found in the Bible. Called will examine the lives of Abraham, Samuel, Esther, Mary Magdalene, Jonah, and the beloved disciple.

The Class Meeting

Group Leader: Scott Reimer
Meeting Times: TBD
Location: TBD
Come learn about the theory and practice of the Wesley class meeting, an essential element of Methodist spirituality. Become equipped with a shared language to talk about the work of the Holy Spirit in the inner person. This group will meet for eight weeks.

Understanding Your Grief

Group Leader: Danny O’Dell
Meeting Times: Mondays @ 7:30 PM
Location: SERVE Center
Explaining the important difference between grief and mourning, this book explores every mourner’s need to acknowledge death and embrace the pain of loss. Also explored are the many factors that make each person’s grief unique and the many normal thoughts and feelings mourners might have.

Ongoing Groups


Barbara / Rachel Circle

Group Leaders: Darla Williams
Meeting Times: 3rd Thursdays @ 5:30 PM
Location: Room 108
Looking to join a group with other women that have kids in school and understand the crazy stage of life you’re in right now? This circle is for you! We’re a group of women that like to make a difference in our community in a way that still fits our busy schedules! Come join us!

Lamplighters Circle

Group Leaders: Joyce Hall
Meeting Times: 3rd Tuesdays @ 9:30 AM
Location: SERVE Center
Meetings usually include spiritual growth, a program, conversation and treats. Come join us as we grow our Circle together!

United Methodist Men

Group Leaders: Scott Reimer
Meeting Times: 1st Thursdays of the Month @ 6:30 PM
Guy time. It’s important! We need relationships with Christ-minded men that are looking to grow the same direction we are. If you’re looking to join a group of men that seek to spur each other on in Christ, this is the place for you!

Handbell Choir

Group Leaders: Dee Johnson
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM
Location: Bell Choir Room
If you can count to 4 and love music, you can join the Handbell Choir! The Handbell Choir plays in worship services several time a year and are always looking for more musicians! Come make a joyful noise with us!

Sew Group

Group Leaders: Manelia Stephenson
Meeting Times: Last Monday of the Month @ 9:00 AM
Location: Room 108
This group is open to sowers of all skill levels and would be a great place to learn some new tricks too! We work on machine made quilts and other sewn items. Much of the actual work is done at home. We give much of what we do to charity and sell items (quilts, table toppers, etc.) to raise funds for missions.

Quilt of Many Colors

Group Leaders: Manelia Stephenson
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 9:30 AM
Location: Room 108
We make and tie bedrolls out of fabric scraps, worn sheets, and worn blankets and throws. These are given to OPEN DOOR Homeless Resource Center in Wichita. Some women in this group also crochet plastic bag mats for the homeless and these are given to HRC as well. We collect individual hygiene items to donate as well, things like hotel soaps and shampoo, small tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes.

Hand Quilting Group

Group Leaders: Sheryl Messenger
Meeting Times: Wednesdays @ 9:00 AM
Location: Room 108
We work on custom hand quilting on quilts for individuals. Monies they earn go toward mission work through United Methodist Women.

Prayer Team

Group Leaders: Gene Railsback
Meeting Times: Thursdays @ 9:00 AM
Location: Room 107
“Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”– Phillppians 4:6
If you’d like to join others in regularly praying for our church members, leaders and the world, then the prayer team is the place for you!

Congregational Care Ministry Team

Group Leaders: Deacon Jeanne Koontz
Meeting Times: 4th Thursdays @ 10:30 AM
Location: Room 107
Congregational Care Ministry Team members are trained to be ambassadors of the church offering God’s healing presence. They are assigned a certain number of individuals to visit once per month and the most basic requirement is the willingness to pray out loud with others, and sit with people in their time of need.

Partners Sunday School

Group Leaders: Various
Meeting Times: Sundays @ 9:30 AM
Location: Partners S.S. Room 106
The Partners in Christ Sunday School Class meets weekly to share life together, study scripture, and hear how God is at work in their lives.

Young Adults

Group Leaders: Kristen Becker
Meeting Times: Thursdays @ 6:30 PM (twice per month)
Location: Couchland
Young adults meet twice per month to fellowship and study scripture. The current study is on the Book of Revelation using the book “What Does Revelation Reveal?” as a guide.

Questions about any of the groups?

Contact Deacon Jeanne Koontz at jeanne.koontz@mcphersonfumc.com or call the church office at 620-241-3626.